November Road

The Kennedy Assassination has always had its fair share of conspiracy theories and Lou Berney, has taken that most horrific of crimes, the murder of a sitting US President and given us a heck of a story!

Frank Guidry loves New Orleans and very little else. He is a loyal and trusted associate of Carlos Marcello, a very big mob boss. A man feared and for very good reason.

When Frank hears the president has been murdered, he knows his time is up. He now understands why he was sent to Dallas a couple of weeks ago to drop off a car. A get away car.

And he also knows his boss is not one to leave loose ends to be unraveled by the police.

Meanwhile in a small town in Oklahoma, Charlotte has come to a decision. She is sick and tired of having people feel sorry for her and her drunk husband. Everyone is shocked when she packs up her two girls and just leaves! Very brave thing to do in the 60’s. But Charlotte wants a life, she wants more for herself and her girls and her life is about to get a lot more interesting when her path collides with Frank Guidry.

While Frank tries to outrun the man sent to kill him and make it to Vegas where he is fairly tight with the boss there, Charlotte is having some bad luck in the car department. When she and Frank meet they both see an opportunity to get where they need to go. Frank knows better than to get involved with anyone. Love isn’t for hired killers. But when he falls hard for Charlotte it could cost both of them their lives.

I seriously did not know the author was from Oklahoma City until the end. What a pleasant surprise.

I enjoyed every character in this story. The author pulls you in and from the beginning you are invested in each one of the characters. Even the horrible ones I found really well done.

Highly recommended!

Edelweiss/ October 09, 2018


4 responses to “NOVEMBER ROAD by LOU BERNEY”

  1. Oh that sounds really intriguing!

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    1. It was. I didn’t know the author lives close to me until I got an invitation to his book signing.

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      1. That would be so cool!

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