Coming Soon To A Bookstore Near You

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Can you believe how fast September is flying by? I can thankfully say I have read all 32 of my books for October! And the reviews have been turned in.

These are the first ones of mine coming out the first week of October. The cozies were awesome, the thrillers were thrilling and the time slip one blew me away.

We have a ton of festivals, sick people and severe weather the rest of this week so enjoy your week, stay safe and for heaven’s sake, Read a book!’

xx Patricia

7 responses to “Coming Soon To A Bookstore Near You”

  1. Looking forward to the Jodi picoult and the little shop of lost things and the lies we told and pretty much the rest… Omg I like them all. Taking a screenshot of it so that I can search on amazon… Thank you

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    1. That little shop one was a slip time one and it was good!!

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  2. Stay safe, my dear friend. They’ve moved us into the 7″ of rain area now

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    1. The water is a foot from being inside my house and the street looks like a creek. Water for the pond!!!


      1. Oh shit, we are in for it with all this damned freshly scraped dirt everywhere. Every. Where.🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌊🌊🌊

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      2. How did you make out? We had to get out the sandbags but this morning it’s draining at least.


      3. Our property is faring well. We’re taking a scenic route home from town to photograph the spillway at the lake & general conditions. Hope you guys are still dry!

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