Feared (Rosato & DiNunzio, #6)

Number 6 in the Rosato & DiNunzio Series

Mary, Bennie and Judy are back and so is Nick Machiavelli. And boy can that guy hold a grudge! Having been bested by Mary, he is out for revenge.

For starters, they and the firm have been hit with a reverse discrimination lawsuit, claiming they only hire women. As the women are reeling from that accusation they find out that one of their own has had an unwitting part in the lawsuit.

When he is found dead in his apartment, secrets begin to pop out of the woodwork! Judy has been secretly dating him for months and is now the prime suspect in his murder. While trying to keep the clients they have and solve the murder of their friend and associate, Mary is trying not to go into labor and is determined to fight her nemesis with every trick in her bag. Of course that means turning to the family. The Tony’s are a fount of information, but as their biggest and latest client drops them, will it even matter what they find out?

Will there even be a law firm when Nick is through with them? Or will the ladies do what they do best and outsmart the devious attorney?

This was a great read as always and I can’t wait to see what is in store for this new dynamic of Mary being a mother!

Netgalley/August 14th 2018 by St. Martin’s Press



  1. This sounds like a fascinating read!

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