Before She Sleeps by Bina Shah

Before She Sleeps

In modern, beautiful Green City, the capital of South West Asia, gender selection, war and disease have brought the ratio of men to women to alarmingly low levels. The government uses terror and technology to control its people, and women must take multiple husbands to have children as quickly as possible.

Sound familiar? From Pakistan author Bina Shah comes this look at a dystopian world where men have ruined everything with war and now the women must pay the price. Much like The Handmaid’s Tale, the women are secluded. They are here to re-populate the world. And that is all. The women are repressed, treated like breeding stock and must take multiple husbands and keep on giving birth.

It is a patriarchal society and women have no rights.

But in every repressive regime, there are those women who just aren’t going to follow meekly in line. They don’t want to be a part of this system. And one woman has found a way out. And her niece will assume responsibility for all of the group next.

These women live underground and are secretly protected by a man at the highest levels of this new regime in Green City. They only come out at night and provide some of the wealthiest men with the one thing they can not buy. Comfort and intimacy without sex. They are like ghosts in the night. Always safely home come morning.

Until one morning one of them doesn’t come home and the entire community will be changed.

I don’t normally like dystopian novels, but the characters in this book were so engaging. And the story told so well, that I am looking forward to the next one!

Netgalley/ Delphinium August 7, 2018

8 responses to “Before She Sleeps by Bina Shah”

  1. Sounds a little depressing but like you said the characters are interesting. Just finished “Written Off” by Sheila Lowe. It was so suspenseful I had to wait till daylight to get past that part and then couldn’t put it down. Finished it last night. I want to read more from this author. Thought I’d share.

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    1. I’ll look at it today! If it kept you up it’s good!

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  2. This sounds like a good book to read. I am always in for books that can make me uncomfortable but also has very important lessons to give.

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  3. Great set-up for a story.

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  4. Ahoy there matey! I love dystopian novels and especially ones written from a non-European or American author. I have added this to me list Arrr!
    x The Captain

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  5. Great book review! Sounds like a great book!

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