The Deepest Grave by Jeri Westerson

The Deepest Grave (Crispin Guest Medieval Noir #11)

A Crispin Guest Medieval Noir Number 11

Crispin is back with his trusty apprentice Jack. After a distraught priest asks him to look into why the dead won’t stay put in their graves, and before he can even do much sleuthing, he receives a message from an old friend that her son is being accused of murder. At the tender age of 7.

And as the old friend is Phillipa, who knows what could be afoot?!

Between the strange goings on at the church yard and the strange behavior of the murdered mans family, this will be an interesting one for Crispin.

Crispin has really come into his own in this one. He is a much calmer and thoughtful man. He has seemingly banished his own demons and is coming to terms with his life as it is. But will this be the thing that could undo all his hard work?

I really enjoy this type of Noir. Crispin is an interesting fellow with just the right mix of snark and manners.

IF you haven’t picked up one of his tales, you should!

Netgalley/ Severn House August 01, 2018

3 responses to “The Deepest Grave by Jeri Westerson”

  1. The dead won’t stay in their graves??? Creepy!

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    1. You know how some people are. Just can’t stay in one place!

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