Death of a Novice (Reverend Mother Mystery #5)

The sudden death of a young novice nun raises a series of puzzling questions in the latest Reverend Mother historical mystery. 

A Reverend Mother Mystery

This is one of my favorite series. Set in Ireland, and full of interesting bits of history and very real characters.

Reverend Mother has a few new novices and Sister Gertrude has found a special place with her. Well-educated, an accountant who can cheerfully and willingly take on the dreaded accounts that must be kept and sent in. But after finding the young Sister dead in the hen-house, murdered, she begins to find out maybe she didn’t know Gertrude as well as she thought she did.

Who would think that so much drama and intrigue could be found in a convent?

Eileen and Patrick are back and are as delightful as ever. Tom Hurley is still plotting against the UK and blowing things up. The Reverend Mother with help from Eileen will tread very carefully to try to unravel who didn’t have a motive for killing Sister Gertrude!

I was really glad to see Eileen and Patrick. I think these two could be great sleuths.

Job Well Done!

Netgalley/Severn House July 01, 2018


  1. Sounds interesting

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    1. It is. I love historical fiction especially ones in a convent. Mysterious…

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      1. An unknown world

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