The Love Letter

With the colonies at war and his country divided, Hamilton Lightfoot must choose sides: Fight for the British Crown or for the Independence of America. But after witnessing the death of his family at the hands of redcoats, he fears he’ll fight for revenge instead of honor. On the verge of a great battle, he pens a letter to Esther, the woman he loves.

A story of four people told across time. Rachel’s stories always make me feel so much. And this one is no different. After I stopped crying it took me a day before I could write a review even!

Dual timelines across generations linking real life with the movies. From the Revolutionary War that divided many families and loves, to the big screen following the story of Esther and Hamilton.

Esther is in love with Hamilton and Hamilton is in love with Esther. But living in upper South Carolina, her father is working for the British. Will Esther have to choose between love and family?

In another time, Chloe is trying to change the direction of her acting career by accepting a role in a Revolutionary War movie being made by Jesse, who has moved to LA to try some acting and screen writing. When he finds a love letter left behind by an ancestor, he writes a screenplay based on the lost love. When Jesse and Chloe meet as she is cast in the role of Esther things begin to happen. That love letter may have a lot more power than one would think.

Rachel is such a wonderful story-teller. She is the only Christian Romance writer that I read.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Netgalley/ June 12, 2018   Thomas Nelson





  1. Looks a great read. Glad you liked it!

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