What’s On Your TBR This Week?

The Little Shop of Found Things: A Novel by [Brackston, Paula] A new series about a young woman whose connection to antiques takes her on a magical adventure.

New York Times bestselling author of The Witch’s Daughter Paula Brackston returns to her trademark blend of magic and romance to launch a new series guaranteed to enchant her audience even more.

The Hour of Death: A Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery by [Jane Willan] Jane Willan’s The Hour of Death will be a Christmas delight for fans of G. M. Malliet, set on an island in Wales.

Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn make sleuthing a work of art. But will they paint themselves into a corner when they investigate the Village Art Society president’s death?

 Beautifully designed, intimate and illuminating, this is the story of American icon Ernest Hemingway’s life through the documents, photographs, and miscellany he kept, compiled by the steward of the Hemingway estate and featuring contributions by his son and grandson.

The Clockmaker's Daughter: A Novel by [Morton, Kate] A rich, spellbinding new novel from the author of The Lake House–the story of a love affair and a mysterious murder that cast their shadows across generations, set in England from the 1860s until the present day.

All of these books release in October, so if you see something you like jump on it now!

Happy Wednesday Reading!



16 responses to “What’s On Your TBR This Week?”

  1. The Little Shop of Found Things sounds great! Happy reading to you too!

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  2. I’m looking forward to The Clockmaker’s Daughter! I just finished reading, The Hour of Death. I loved it! 🙂

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    1. So glad to hear that. It’s on my list for tomorrow.

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  3. I’m currently reading The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling.

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    1. I actually quite liked that one.

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  4. The first and last two sound the best I think!

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  5. I’m also reading the Shiver Series by Maggie Stiefvater- definitely a recommendation seeing as I’m currently rereading the series! Lou

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      1. Yes definitely do! It’s a great series… even after u already know what’s going to happen😉

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  6. I’ve requested the new Kate Morton title from Edelweiss because I was declined on NetGalley. If I don’t hear back soon, I will preorder it. Kate Morton is one of my many favorite authors.

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    1. I’m a fan as well. I think her publisher is one of my pre-approved publishers.

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      1. Oh.. lucky you! 💕

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  7. The Clockmaker’s Daughter looks very interesting!

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  8. Hi Patricia! I just got back from a blogging break (which was great, peaceful and also a lot happening!)

    I saw this NY Times article and thought of you. It’s their top summer picks. Not sure if you like the Times’ and figured I’d send it to you in case you do. 🙂

    Much love… here it is:


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    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed your time. I had missed one on this list. Have to rectify that.

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