Widow's Wreath: A Martha's Vineyard Mystery

A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery

It’s a case of cold feet—and cold-blooded murder—as 92-year-old poet/sleuth Victoria Trumbull gets more than she bargained for after hosting an ill-fated wedding.

A wedding on picturesque Martha’s Vineyard promises to be the affair of the season when Penny Arbuthnot asks her cousin, feisty 92-year-old poet Victoria Trumbull, if she can use her property for the reception. Victoria agrees—but she has no idea what’s in store for the hapless couple.

For one, Penny is seriously in debt and desperate to marry money. She thinks she’s on the road to riches when she hooks Rocco Bufano, whose father is a multi-billionaire. But unbeknownst to Penny, Rocco’s been disowned by dad. He’s also in hock up to his ears, and thinks he’s bagged the catch of a lifetime in a wealthy Vineyard native. He also knows that someone is out to kill him. In fact, several guests have a reason to off Rocco, among them an autistic savant with a prodigious knowledge of murder weapons.

Victoria has assumed the reception will be a modest lemonade-and-gingersnap affair—but when a body is found in her cellar, it may be a happily never after in Widow’s Wreath, the fourteenth engaging installment in Cynthia Riggs’s beloved Martha’s Vineyard mysteries.

This series features one of my favorite characters, Victoria Trumbull. And Victoria has no idea what she has let herself get involved in when she agrees to provide her back garden for her distant cousin’s wedding reception.

When a body appears in her cellar, people start popping out of the woodwork and plopping themselves down at Victoria’s home.

There are numerous people who would love to see the groom dead and buried. First among them, the fiancée’ back home having wedding invitations printed while he is marrying someone else. And none of them have a problem with telling Victoria they plan on killing him. But still, who is the body in the basement?

I am not exactly sure what went on with this one. Definitely not a cozy mystery. And what about Elizabeth? She lives with Victoria, we know. She is in the first chapter and then we don’t hear or see her until many chapters later. The house is overrun with  strangers and cops, but where is she?

This one was quite a bit different from the others in the series. Stiff dialogue, not being sure of who was talking when, I’m just not sure but this one did not resonate with me.

We will check the next one however!


June 12th 2018 by Crooked Lane Books


  1. Aww bummer that this one didn’t work out for you! I guess they can’t all be winners though. Hope your next read is a 5 star read!

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