You Don’t Deserve My Best Work

Ben is feeling unloved, so please show him some comment love and a like! Because he is the King of Bitterness and he makes us laugh!

Ben's Bitter Blog

I was but a little bitterling once.

When I started this blog I was just a little bitterling in a really huge pond. I had no other intention except to express my feelings about all the bitterness in the world.Β  A few co-workers knew about it, because they were the ones that called me Bitter Ben. They knew I was bitter about all the customers I dealt with on a daily basis. I posted six times that day and man, did it feel good pound my keyboard and get all those bitter feelings on the internet.

Fast forward 4 or 5 months later and I finally got my first few followers, including my wife and parents, who finally discovered I was doing it, and people actually thought I was worthy of a follow. I kept doing it, and several months later I reached the peak of my bitter powers. Most…

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