NO CURE for the DEAD by Christine Trent

No Cure for the Dead (A Florence Nightingale Mystery #1)

A Florence Nightingale Mystery

When a young nurse dies on her watch, Florence Nightingale must uncover the deep-hidden secrets someone will kill to keep buried.

It is 1853. Lady of the Lamp Florence Nightingale has just accepted the position of Superintendent of the Establishment for Gentlewomen During Temporary Illness in London. She has hardly had time to learn the names of the nurses in her charge when she suddenly finds one of them hanging in the Establishment’s library. Her name was Nurse Bellamy.

Florence’s mettle is tested by the dual goals of preserving what little reputation her hospital has and bringing Nurse Bellamy’s killer to justice. Her efforts are met with upturned noses and wayward glances except for her close friend and advocate inside the House of Commons, Sidney Herbert. As Florence digs deeper, however, her attention turns to one of the hospital investors and suddenly, Sidney becomes reluctant to help.

With no one but herself to count on, Florence must now puzzle out what the death of an unknown, nondescript young nurse has to do with conspiracies lurking about at the highest levels of government before she’s silenced too.

A Fictionalized version of the famous Nurse Nightingale has her just beginning her career in a Women’s Hospital that is in desperate need of a remodel and probably a good fumigation!

Florence is determined to succeed in her new post as superintendent but she isn’t getting very far, as nurses are not formally trained and viewed on the same level as prostitutes. So she first needs to see them trained and have their own personal hygiene updated as well.

When she finds the dead nurse swinging from the library ceiling, she quickly finds out that if she doesn’t find out who did this and why she will be out of a job.

This was a very grim and hard to get through read. I honestly can’t find one redeeming quality in any of them, including Florence. Not a very flattering look at this fictionalized view of her.

Would I read it again? No. But give it a try to see what you think!

Netgalley/Crooked Lane Books  May 8, 2018

5 responses to “NO CURE for the DEAD by Christine Trent”

  1. Hmmm… I really need to be in the mood for “very Grim” it’s always hard to enjoy those books. The world is such a Grim place that I like to read to escape that! 👍

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  2. Oh dear! It sounded so promising

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  3. I’ll take your word for it. Thanks.

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  4. It did have promise, but it was grim.


  5. Weird sounding! No, I can’t give that a read.

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