HELLO SPRING, We’ve Been Waiting For You!


It is definitely Spring here. My favorite color of green is Spring Green. That green that pops out on trees promising leaves and flowers. Daffy Dillies are springing up on everyone’s lawn and there is just a newness to everything.

Spring Break is almost over. (Choir of angels sings) There are so many great books coming out this Spring. Some new authors I’ve found and some old favorites so today we are going to laze in the sun and read. And not Run,Spot,Run.

The tiny terrorists are in the living room whispering so I only have a few minutes before all out war erupts over the chalk!

Y’all have a really good day and take some time to notice Spring!

xx Patricia

23 thoughts on “HELLO SPRING, We’ve Been Waiting For You!

  1. Tiny terrorists, eh? That makes me laugh. I remember. Hope the sneeze doesn’t materialize into something awful for you. We are all looking forward to spring. My spring bulbs are up already but it’s still cold and won’t stop raining. Any day now. 😉

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    1. Well Spring is popping out all over and today and tomorrow we are supposed to get severe weather, which for Oklahoma could mean tornadoes, earthquakes, floods or fires. I check the weather the old fashioned way. Go outside. If the lawn chairs are blowing, stay inside.

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      1. You crack me up. I know Oklahoma weather. Don’t like the weather, wait a minute; it will change. My dad came from KC, MO. We spent a LOT of time in the area. Tornadoes are the scariest. Earthquakes are the new there. Hang on to the lawn furniture.

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