Last Night

It’s the early hours of the morning and Rose Denton wakes up behind the steering wheel of her car. She’s off the road, through a hedge and in a field. It’s dark and she isn’t hurt. No injury. No blood.

However when she steps out of the car, a bit groggy and unstable, she finds blood on the hood and windshield of her car. No damage to the car. Nothing lying dead or injured on the ground. Just blood on the car. But just how did she get here? The last thing she remembers is going to bed in a hotel where she had a business meeting.

Deciding to just go home, no matter the hour, when she sees a call from her husband, Dan saying their daughter hasn’t come home.

After cleaning up her car and seriously questioning her sanity, she finds out her daughter’s boyfriend is missing. And then odd things keep happening.  This was a pretty good case of gaslighting!

I really felt sorry for Rose. Trying to separate from a man she doesn’t even have feelings for. Re-living past tragedies, Rose will have to face her own past head on before she loses everything.

A nail biter to the end!

NetGalley/Bookouture March 28, 2018

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