the recipe box by Viola Shipman

The Recipe Box: A Novel

Bestselling, beloved author of The Charm Bracelet spins a tale about a lost young woman and the family recipe box that changes her life.

“But sometimes-at the strangest times- I think God forces us to stop for a moment, be still and reflect on our lives. Either we choose to pay attention or we don’t…and I think that often determines the path we take.”

Sam couldn’t wait to get out of Michigan and her family’s orchard and pie baking business. She had much grander dreams of being a chef in the big city. But after working for an ungrateful and just plain not nice Chef, she is ready to come home for a bit.

While Sam feels around for her own place in the world, her mother and grandmother share their recipe boxes and baking and as always with Shipman, sage advice and stories of family, love, relationships between mothers and daughters and how sometimes you may just need to take a second, and realize that everything you want has been right there in front of you.

The food descriptions are scrumptious! Oh my goodness I think at one point I was crying and drooling at the same time!

Excellent job as always!

NetGalley/March 20th 2018 by Thomas Dunne Books

6 thoughts on “the recipe box by Viola Shipman

      1. Definitely have going to be checking it out then!! If you want a recommendation for another great book consisting of cooking and great characterization you should check out “the school of essential ingredients” by Erica Baurmeister. A great book of delicious food and life lessons. Lol!

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