Beignets and Broomsticks: A Maggie Miller Mystery by J.R.Ripley

It’s Halloween, and cafe owner Maggie Miller’s special pumpkin spice beignet promotion is proving popular. But the evening ends in disaster when Maggie discovers the body of one of her regular customers, strangled to death with an expensive cashmere scarf.

The late Nancy Alverson had tended to keep herself to herself – but what secrets was she hiding? And why had she been studying books on witchcraft?

Of one thing Maggie is certain, it was no witch who killed Nancy. But has someone taken advantage of the spookiest night of the year to commit a brutal murder . . .?

Maggie just can’t keep her nose on her own side of the street. If there is a mystery that needs solving, Maggie is your girl.

Table Rock is a quirky town full of equally quirky people and Maggie fits right in! Still in the trial and error phase of her Beignet Cafe’, Maggie is busy coming up with new flavors and with her recent purchase, she is venturing in to the espresso business as well.

When she heads across the street to deliver some beignets to Nancy, who is living above Maggie’s competition, Karma Koffee, she literally runs into VV, the town prosecutor and worst enemy of Maggie. When she sees Nancy dead with a cashmere scarf around her neck, she thinks the worst.

When she is threatened it only makes her more determined to find out who killed Nancy and why. And what does any of this have to do with the strangers in town or the Witchkraft Center just out-of-town?

Maggie will have to whip up more than beignets to solve this one! Maggie is becoming more confident in herself and her abilities and this series is devoloping nicely!

Netgalley/Severn House   March 1, 2018

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