“Everybody Has A Chapter They Don’t Read Out Loud.”

It is a grey, gloomy and damp day! A good day for tea and a book. Right now I’m reading The Sixth Day by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison and I’m biting my lip it’s so fast paced and diabolical!

I love every picture here! The smiles, the books, the fun, the quote. Do you have a chapter in your book of life that you would rather not share with others? Do you think we overshare on social media? I feel much the same way as I do when my mother would tell me quietly to simmer down, people are staring. This would usually have to do with something no one else was willing to stand up and say, but I would always tell her, “WTF do I care, I’m never going to see these people again, and they aren’t paying my bills, so whatever!”

Today is going to be a recovery day. Tommy had a stress test this morning and all he wanted to do was come home and sleep. So he’s snoring on the sofa and I’m going to find something else to chew on other than my lip!

Happy Reading!  Patricia


11 thoughts on ““Everybody Has A Chapter They Don’t Read Out Loud.”

  1. Do you think we overshare on social media? ~I was actually thinking earlier that it’s funny when people on social media tell others to mind their own business bc the literal purpose of social media is minding each other’s business. 🙂

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  2. I definitely have some chapters I keep to myself, but I’m a private person. I enjoy keeping my cards to my chest, so to speak because I don’t like everyone knowing me well or judging me.
    Thought provoking post! -Ashley

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