Surprise Me! by Sophie Kinsella

Surprise Me

After being together for ten years, Sylvie and Dan have all the trimmings of a happy life and marriage; they have a comfortable home, fulfilling jobs, beautiful twin girls, and communicate so seamlessly, they finish each other’s sentences. However, a trip to the doctor projects they will live another 68 years together and panic sets in. They never expected “until death do us part” to mean seven decades.

In the name of marriage survival, they quickly concoct a plan to keep their relationship fresh and exciting: they will create little surprises for each other so that their (extended) years together will never become boring. But in their pursuit to execute Project Surprise Me, mishaps arise and secrets are uncovered that start to threaten the very foundation of their unshakable bond. When a scandal from the past is revealed that question some important untold truths, they begin to wonder if they ever really knew each other after all.

Everyone knows that Sophie’s books are my guilty pleasure! And this one didn’t disappoint.

Sylvie and Dan have been married 10 years now. With adorable girls and jobs they enjoy. After an annual check up they are both given a clean bill of health and told they would probably live a nice long life. Which leads them to question how they are going to keep this thing going for the next 7 decades!

The characters in the book are all hilarious in their own way and some of the “surprises” they come up with are beyond funny! And embarrassing.

When Sylvie suspects Dan of an affair things come out that have been hidden for years. Which leads Sylvie to ask if she ever really knew her family at all or has she been carrying around a little girl’s view of her family?

This was great fun with a bit of mystery thrown in, so go ahead and Surprise Me! anytime Ms. Kinsella!

February 13, 2018  Netgalley/DialPress

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