No One Can Know (A Stillwater General Mystery #2)

A Stillwater General Mystery #2

When a pregnant car crash victim arrives at Stillwater General, ER nurse Frankie Stapleton and the team must work swiftly to deliver the baby safely. After hours of grueling effort, they finally save the baby, but the mother dies. The staff is already rattled, but then they learn that the accidental car crash was actually deliberate.

Just when they thought the hard work was over, suspects begin rearing their heads one by one and no one is safe. There’s no shortage of motives. The victim was a social worker, and someone may have been seeking revenge. Or perhaps someone was trying to intimidate her up-and-coming politician husband. Then the baby goes missing.

Now Frankie must race to uncover the truth in time to catch a killer and save a child in Lucy Kerr’s riveting second Stillwater General Mystery, No One Can Know

Working in a small town ER is a lot different from Chicago for nurse Frankie Stapleton. I

Until a mysterious man shows up in the ER, giving as little detail and personal information as possible. Frankie senses he is lying but before she can chase that thread they receive a patient who has been in a motor vehicle accident. Or was it an accident?

Frankie can’t shake the feeling that he has something to do with their current patient and even more so when he slips out while the team tries to save two lives.

In a small town where everyone knows everyone’s business, Frankie’s own mother seems to be the head of the gossip mill. And between her mother trying to get information out of her and marry her off at the same time, things are a bit tense around the house. But Frankie is only here for a few months she says so she tries to keep her info to herself. But she is nosy and is determined to see justice done for Kate and her baby.

This was not what I would call a cozy mystery even though it had quite a few of the elements of one. I would call it a cozy with an edge. The characters that were at the forefront of the story I felt were fleshed out well. Although this is book two and I would have liked to have seen a bit more development in the others.

It has all the ingredients of a good mystery; Greed, Politics, Money, Jealousy and Drugs in a small California town.

There were a lot of loose lips and insider information from the police as well as the hospital workers and that I didn’t care for.

She is an author that I will read again.

Netgalley/Crooked Lane Books   February 13, 2018

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  1. I might have to update my reading list ! This book looks really interesting !!

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