WHO’S THAT GIRL? by Celia Hayes

Who's that Girl?

Sam Preston appears to be living the glamorous life of a journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle…

If only that was the case… in reality, she’s frustratingly single, stuck living in her parents’ house, and oh yeah, in love with her boss, Dave, who barely knows that she exists…

Life seems like it will never change… until the day Sam is put on an assignment with Dave, reporting on the San Francisco Fashion Week. She hopes this might be a turning point in their relationship…

But things never go to plan and practically overnight, Sam becomes an accidental contestant in the Beautiful Curvy pageant and life suddenly becomes very complicated.

How will she manage her new rise to stardom, her job, and her sudden irresistibility to not only Dave, but a new man on the scene?

Oh my goodness this was a fun read!

Sam wants to be a journalist. She’s working at The Chronicle but her job turns out to be everyone else’s jobs they don’t want. Not writing, no chasing stories.

As a matter of fact the only thing she is chasing is Dave. Dave who has never actually looked at her. But in her mind he is hers!

While Dave tries not to get into trouble and lose his job over fashion week, Sam has fallen into a beauty pageant for curvy gals! And underneath all of those sweats and baggy clothes is a stunner of a woman. Not the ideal thing when Dave is trying to behave.

I loved that Sam found her voice and figured out for herself that she was beautiful and curvy and she loved it! And now she has not one but two men fighting over her. Who will she choose? One? Neither?

Read it and be surprised. This was a fun read with a little moral of not judging people!

Good Job!

Netgalley/Aria   February 01,2018

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