Debut Author Corbin M. Cowan


Today I want to introduce to you my latest favorite author. Corbin. He’s 5 and he is obsessed with snowmen. My office can attest to that as they are all over the walls.

I’m proud to say that the love of my life has now written a book. See there was a reason he needed that printer for Christmas!  As I said he is 5 and likes animals, swimming, and being Spiderman in his spare time away from Pre-K. His favorite food is chicken with a whole wheat breading and pomme frites with a tomato sauce reduction. Yes, that is chicken nuggets.

He has an imagination that is so great to see these days. And we foster that.


Here is a look at his writing process. His mom even made a video of the final product for us.  He hand writes everything and uses only markers as his hands are small and pencils hurt.


As you can see, his edits are complete and he is on to the sequel. We will be entertaining all offers of representation for the book and the film rights.  Just message us!

xx Patricia   Enjoy!

10 responses to “Debut Author Corbin M. Cowan”

  1. How adorable. I always love seeing children being creative.

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  2. priceless! I still have a recipe book my son wrote for me when he was five or six. That will be cherished!

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  3. caffeinatedfaery Avatar

    This is by far the cutest thing I have seen today!

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  4. Write on, Mr. Cowen. Write on.

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  5. I love this! He is so cute but also such a professional already!

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    1. Yes he is. He sees no point in going to school. He’s thinking of skipping 6 and going to 7. I’m not arguing since I’m still 29 you know! lol

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  6. My favorite book so far 🙂

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