I Think I Love The Rain Because I’m A Mermaid Too Far From The Ocean


Anticipating the rain as the clouds are gray and heavy this morning. There really is nothing like a good book, a nice cozy nook and a good cup of coffee or tea. And on a Sunday? That’s just about perfect.

With the house already full of the smell of bean soup and all my chores complete, I’m tucking into a seriously disturbed mind of a serial killer. This guy is Silence of the Lambs good! I want to go to prison and talk to him. And I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of this character and his creator.

Today I’m taking a break to enjoy the day. And plan for the National Championship game between Georgia and Alabama. I’m already wearing my Dawgs shirt and this game could get ugly with our rivalry.

Enjoy your Sunday! Read a book!

xx Patricia

16 thoughts on “I Think I Love The Rain Because I’m A Mermaid Too Far From The Ocean

  1. I know nothing of sports but we each have a different way in the world. But I just finished a cuppa
    Celestial Seasons lemon/lavender tea 🙂 and am rapidly enjoying my way through The Bookshop on the Corner: by Jenny Colgan. Had a hard time putting it down last night but I’m an early riser no matter how late I’m up so I quit before 11. 😦 Enjoy your game. 😉

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  2. Honestly, when I first came to Australia it took me ages to work out the football situation over here because they have different variations of basically the same game. Sooo guess what, I leave it to my daughter and her dad. I know if I was that into the game like they are I would definitely try and go and see the real thing. Sorry American football has got me whipped…absolutely no 💡 idea of what they are doing. One end of the field to the other, haaaa Im no sceptic.
    Have a great day.

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