Where Are You Christmas with Faith Hill

I am also a lot of other things

It seems we have made it to Friday! Hopefully all in one piece and if your children are out of school, with your marbles intact!

I’m pretty sure everyone will have a busy weekend with Christmas being Monday. The kids are packing up and heading to their Dad’s in Dallas. And here at home things are just going all haywire.

My Mother is still in hospital after falling out of Susi’s truck and breaking her pelvis and since she lives in the northern most portion of North Dakota, the hospital is probably the best place to be right now.

Our Country Club family is just that to us. Family. And at this time we are all hurting. On Monday one of the employees had a stroke at work and is now in hospital. Tommy’s boss and our bestest friend had a horrible respiratory thing last week and last night was taken to ICU with brain swelling. Tomorrow we bury Uncle Richard.

So all of our carefully laid plans just got swiped left. And while I thought the Anxiety Fairy would show her face with all of this going on and the kids out of school for holidays, apparantly she got face palmed by the Priority Fairy. People are hurting and we need to be there for them.

This next week is a time for inner reflection and a time to let go of any negativity in your life. To give thanks for all the friends and family who have gone before, for their role in our lives, a time to honor those who are still with us and to sit quietly and plan for the future. Let go of anything that hasn’t worked for you and surround yourself with positive love, energy and people.

I hope you enjoy one of my all time favorite songs!

xx Patricia

8 thoughts on “Where Are You Christmas with Faith Hill

  1. Wow! That’s a lot at this time of year. I’m glad the priority fairy made her stand. I’ve not heard the words of this song so carefully before. I love it as I have been hunting for my Christmas spirit all month long. Finally seeing glimpses of it. It’s really hard without children around. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Patricia and Happy 2018. May it bring peace to your heart.

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  2. I have adored hearing your favourite Christmas songs, none of which I had heard previously. Thankyou for sharing the Xmas spirit from the other side of my world.
    May I recommend, for a taste of typically Australian humour and sentiment, YouTubing “White Wine In The Sun” by Tim Minchin.
    May there be much fun and laughter in coming days .

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