A Blogger Nomination Thingy


Thank you to Cynthia for sharing this with us! Hop over and say hello to her Here   

She and her merry band of elves are building a home from scratch people! And she is a city girl up to her neck in the country learning everything about homesteading. She is my hero and the world is so much more interesting with her in it.  So Check One off. Thank the Blogger who nominated you. Thank you Cynthia!

Step Two:  A Brief History of your Blog

I started this blog about two years ago to share books with as many people as possible. Reading is my passion, talking about books is my obsession. Plus I love to throw in an opinion or two that no one in real life wants to hear.

As someone who has suffered with Anxiety all of her life, books were my refuge. In my real life I’m more the Greta Garbo type. I just want to be alone. But the blog lets my inner extrovert come out and play as well as help authors I love get the word out on their books. I also have a Tea blog over Here 

Over there we talk about tea in all of its glorious forms and lovely things to nosh on while we sip tea and tell outrageous tales!

Step Three: Two Pieces of Advice

  1. Be Nice. If you don’t like or agree with someone’s writing, move on. You don’t have to comment on it. Just move on. If you don’t agree with another bloggers Book Review, it doesn’t matter. We read books based on our understand of the topic, the location or the author, so no two people ever read the same story. You just do you and support the folks who do their best too.
  2. If You See Something, Say Something. NO, not like a pipe bomb! If you read something and think, “Oh, that was lovely ( insert any other descriptive words here)”go that extra click and tell them. Hey, that made me smile, or Wow, I did not know that, thanks for sharing!,or a simple That was lovely. And if you read a book, leave a review at least on Amazon. Do not be intimidated by those lengthy reviews that tell the entire book, a simple I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others.

Find your passion and share it with the world! There are so many interesting people writing interesting posts out there that I’m simply going to say, if you haven’t done this challenge before, have a go at it! It’s nice to share who you are with new readers.

Mad Love To Cynthia!  And as the seven-year old says….What do we want Grandma? Hint: The answer is always World Peace. You do your part, I’ll do mine.

xx Patricia on Sunday

29 thoughts on “A Blogger Nomination Thingy

  1. 🤗🤗🤗 Very well thank you! The rainy yuck fall has passed and it’s been snowing blizzards here so this is my cozy season!!! Time to hibernate within acceptable social standards!!

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