Netflix, Tea, and a Good Book!

While I’m spending the next few days having surgery and healing, at least I have some great books to read. This is the one I’m currently reading. And since I just received an email from Amazon telling me my new Fire Tablet will be here tomorrow I will have plenty to keep me busy and keep my hands off my face.

I’m back to sticking post-it notes on every surface, reminding me to not touch my eye. Or my face. Just consider everything above the neck to be off-limits. I’m nervous and scared and anxious all at once. I’m not afraid of the surgery, I have the best surgeon in the country, I hate being put to sleep. I am not comfortable being naked on a table with 5 men in the room and me dead to the world. It’s just creepy. At least I’m nice and tan.

No food or drink after midnight is fine by me. I’m not doing anything at that time of night except sleeping. Not even my morning cup of tea! As the nurse said,” You may brush your teeth, but spit don’t swallow!”  Uh, yeah, I learned that a long time ago, but okay.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday! And drink something good for me!

xx Patricia

20 thoughts on “Netflix, Tea, and a Good Book!

  1. They make you naked to do your eyes? Never heard of that before. Do you know anyone who doesn’t spit after brushing? I sure don’t. They give some very dumb instructions or they have some very dumb patients. There is no way you can avoid worrying. I’m hoping all works out well.

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      1. OH NO ! Yes, even tough I have to have 14 teeth extracted this week….nope, definitely wouldn’t switch here either. Wishing her and you strength to heal. Big hug, XxX

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