Monday Reading

Merry Monday! The poor sun is trying so hard to peek out of the clouds. When I would much rather take a book and crack my neighbor over the head with it. She has left her dog inside. Alone. And his either trying to communicate with the rest of the canine world or he is just being a bitch. But he has been howling for hours now and I have had it.

Did everyone get a lot of reading done over the week-end? I know I did. What’s the best thing you read this past week end? Mine was the new Sophie Kinsella book. But then her books are always a riot!

Hope your Monday is peaceful. And that you had a nice week-end!

xx Patricia


42 thoughts on “Monday Reading

    1. Ha. I just realized you were replying to my comment here, not my blog post. Some Writer! and A Boy, A Mouse and A Spider. I read Some Writer! first and I am glad it did as it helped fill out A Boy, A Mouse and A Spider, which, considering it’s a picture book, had great detail. If you are interested, my post –

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  1. I am a huge reading slump from past sometime and I am not able to finish book…but my current read is blast, I am reading ” to kill the president” by Sam Bourne and Ong it is amazing!!
    I read shopaholic series and I loved it

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  2. I re-read a lot of older books from when I was in middle and high school. Like the House of Night series and the Firelight series. I still love them as much as I did back then! By the way, I completely understand about the dog, my neighbor likes to bark with his though… I assume he does not realize that I can hear him as well.

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  3. That poor dog! Never learned to stay at home alone, properly. She must feel so alone 😦
    I am reading a story called Dragon Stone, from another blogger (Gary, Fictionisfood) and a thriller The Red Cobra by Rob Sinclair.

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