Freddy and Jason and Michael and More!

Looking for some spooky reads this month? All of these look good to me. I’ve read Hell House, all the Anne Rice books, The Halloween Tree and Red Hill. All appropriately hellish.

It’s Thursday so back to work we go. Thunder game was awesome last night and we won. We woke up to Cold. I don’t know what degree of cold, but enough to send me back to the covers of my beloved bed. They say it should creep into the 70’s by afternoon. They also say Saturday night it’s going to freeze. I’m going to be in denial about that, just like last year. And it worked out just fine.

There were so many great reads that came out in October and November is going to be a big month too. So reading is the plan for the rest of the day.

I hope you are enjoying your day and if you aren’t happy where you are…move. You aren’t a tree.

xx Patricia



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