Reading, Movies and Strip Clubs!

Sharing a few of the books I’m reading this week. The Fiction ones. It’s still raining here. Second day in a row and we can definitely use the rain and it makes for good reading and sipping hot tea weather.

For those of you paying attention to the loss of my beloved bed and the battle of the a/c vent I can tell you that last night I slept better than I have in years! No coughing, sneezing or nose blowing going on at all! And I woke up this morning feeling great. So I guess it was the a/c vent that was giving me problems.

I love mornings like these when it’s quiet and dark and rainy. The house smells like a pine Christmas tree and I am content. This afternoon we are going to the movies. It really is the best time to go. During the week no one is there. Unlike the strip club we drove by on Monday where the parking lot was full at noon. I wanted to stop and just take a look and see what type of folks are in the strip club at lunch time, you know? And it said Ladies Free on the sign. I didn’t even know they charged you to go in! But OU Boy wasn’t having any of that. Him: Are you out of your mind? Me: But maybe we’ll see someone we know and we can say Hey why are you in a strip club at noon? Do they have a buffet?

It’s not like New Orleans where they stand in the door and welcome you in and everyone is chatting and happy. Or maybe that was the Junior League. Anywhoooo I did not get to see inside the strip club. Which is hiring by the way.

I hope you are well today. I wish you lots of love and contentment and if you need some rain just ask, I’ll send the Rain Fairy your way!

xx Patricia

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