Life, Miracles and an Eye Update!

The saying above is so very true. Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. And we should be noticing them. Being mindful, being engaged with the moment you are in and not thinking ahead to what’s next.

June 28 was a year since I woke up with a corneal ulcer and totally blind in one eye. When we finally got it uninfected, I had to wait while the thing healed. Then the end of February I had surgery to remove the scarring and the cornea and have a transplant.

2 months ago I had 2 stitches taken out. I didn’t see or feel anything then. Yesterday I spent hours with different cameras taking pictures of the little fellow clinging to my eyeball and the 14 stitches left holding it in place. And then my surgeon took one more out. This time I saw all of the equipment and I was amazed how tiny scissors and a needle can be! I’m progressing very well. My vision in that eye is still wonky but improves a few days after these stitch removals. Not as in good enough to drive or anything like that, but it’s improving. Now we shall start removing them every 6 weeks and then I’ll have another surgery.

My surgeon asked me what this past year has been like for me. Scary, full of anxiety, a lot of whining and moaning dramatically. But I also don’t rely on my sight completely anymore. My sense of smell and awareness of the things around me are heightened. I am extremely mindful of every thing I do. What the people around me are doing. I do one thing at a time. I let people help me. Pride has gone who knows where.

While my husband has to leave the room for every procedure as he is squeamish, my doctor and I do a lot of talking. About books, tea, especially tea. And yesterday he said,” You know through this whole thing, you’ve never complained to me. Never said no to me. You sit still as a statue and let us hurt you and learn from you and you never say a word. How do you do that?”  Me: “I trust you”. And that is the truth. I trust this man who is the best in his field. It’s just that simple. I trust him and the gratitude I feel for him and his residents is enormous. I have had tiny miracles every step of the way. When things should have gone bad from the beginning, they didn’t. When I had no idea how I was going to come up with $30,000.00 up front for the surgery, it just showed up in my mailbox the day before Christmas Eve.

Today will be a rather uncomfortable day but that’s to be expected. I’ll still be able to read because I have one good eye. And that’s more than some people have. Notice the tiny miracles around you. Seek them out. Make them happen.

Thank you all for supporting me on this journey. Now, go be someone’s miracle worker!

xx Patricia

18 thoughts on “Life, Miracles and an Eye Update!

  1. Thank you for sharing…I’m so happy to read of your progress and glad to be reminded to take in the beautiful miracles all around us! Your journey prompted me to make a long overdue eye appointment, I’m writing this note with dilated eyes but happy in the knowledge that all is well…thank you for this!

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  2. I’m getting to this late but it’s worth the read. How can we notice the big miracles if we aren’t looking at the smaller of them. You have been very courageous with this challenge. Being dependent on others is a hard pill to swallow but it’s a great lesson in humility. I’m wishing you many more little miracles. Complete restoration of sight along with that wonderful personal growth that comes out of a challenge. I’ll keep good thoughts for you.

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  3. I do wish you well. My aunt had to have something done to her eye. Eyes are the one thing we all rely upon so much. No one can predict the future about eyes anyone at any time can get something wrong. I have to wear glasses for reading. Few months back bought a lovely sun hat in River Island looked at price without glasses oh that’s good it only £10 when I got my bank statement it was £18 Not £10 as I thought. Silly me didn’t even check my till receipt when I got home to my glasses.

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