Congratulations on Release Day!

I had 6 books that released today. Here they are!

Lies She Told: A Novel by [Holahan, Cate]  Odd & True by [Winters, Cat]  Chickadee Chickadee Bang Bang (A Bird Lover's Mystery) by [Ripley, J.R.]

Enigma (An FBI Thriller Book 21) by [Coulter, Catherine] Something Like Family by [Burch, Heather] In It For The Money (A Blu Carraway Mystery Book 1) by [Burnsworth, David]

All worthy of a read. You can catch my reviews on the website.

Congratulations to you all! It was a pleasure to read them all!

xx Patricia, Book,Books and More Books

3 thoughts on “Congratulations on Release Day!

      1. I have audible silver so get 1 book every other months. I love the site. Downfalls though are trying to pick out a book I know will be good enough to want to listen to more than once; It has to be a good one. Reviews on there and good reads always seem to be divided with good or not. And the lower rating ones seem to have factors that make me thin, “I do not know if I should get it?” It overwhelms me to the point that it takes me so long to chose a book. I am thinking of quitting because it is stressful to have my thought rambling with iffs with the books that seem what I would like. Book shops are so much easier to look more personally at books. it is convenient to get them digitally though. I also see books on Amazon that I really think I would like that they do not have. Of course, a lot of it is because books are not out in audio form yet if they ever will be I do like audio though, since I can listen while doing housework or driving and such stuff. Which you most likely know how this works already.

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