Lie To Me by J.T. Ellison

Lie to Me

They built a life on lies 

Sutton and Ethan Montclair’s idyllic life is not as it appears. The couple seems made for each other, but the truth is ugly. Consumed by professional and personal betrayals and financial woes, the two both love and hate each other. As tensions mount, Sutton disappears, leaving behind a note saying not to look for her.

Ethan finds himself the target of vicious gossip as friends, family and the media speculate on what really happened to Sutton Montclair. As the police investigate, the lies the couple have been spinning for years quickly unravel. Is Ethan a killer? Is he being set up? Did Sutton hate him enough to kill the child she never wanted and then herself? The path to the answers is full of twists that will leave the reader breathless.

This book kept me up until 4 in the morning! I could not put it down until I figured out who had done what and why!

This thriller had everything. Authors behaving badly. Reviewers behaving badly. Friends behaving badly. You name it and it was there.

When Ethan met Sutton it was instant chemistry on both sides. After getting married, Ethan hit a roadblock in his writing while Sutton was bringing in the money with her books.

Thinking a baby would smooth out their lives, Sutton gets pregnant. But is that what she really wanted? And now that the baby is dead, she begins to doubt her own sanity and doubt her husband. Nothing is making sense to either of them.

When Ethan wakes up to his wife gone and a note on the counter telling him she needs space and do not look for her, fingers start pointing at him. With her friends leading the charge.

That’s all I’m going to say about this one. You need to untangle this web of lies yourself!

This was such a well written web of lies and deceit, that by the time you saw the spider it was getting ready to eat you!

I think I’ve found a new author to follow!

Netgalley/Mira/Harlequin  Release date is September 05, 2017

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