I was going to clean but then I found a book.


Good Sunday Morning to you all! Have you ever started a book only to be bored to tears a quarter of the way through? Do you finish it anyway? Unless I’m contractually obligated, I do not. I have too many good ones waiting to be read.

Today I have to try to ignore that Twitter feed and finish this book. It’s Game of Thrones night and yes, I know this one was hacked and released and I have it. I have made myself wait until tonight anyway. There are so few left and then I have to wait for Vikings.

Have a peaceful day and we shall meet again tomorrow!

xx Patricia

46 thoughts on “I was going to clean but then I found a book.

  1. You are a viewer after my own heart! And yes, I have started reading and been stuck in their mud. Sometimes I have given up. But once in a while I’ve stuck it out and been pleasantly surprised. What I don’t get is why the writer drug us through the mud in the first place. Go GoTs! And Vikings!

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  2. Even if I’m bored to death by a book, or it’s really not my thing, I HAVE to finish it! I’ve read too many books that have improved massively halfway through to allow myself to stop :’) Enjoy GoT! x

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  3. I used to finish books even if I didn’t like them, but don’t anymore. You’re so right that there are plenty of good ones, and we’ll never get to them all as it is. We’re waiting for Vikings too, and Westworld, and The Walking Dead. 🙂

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  4. i used to have a bad habit of forcing my way through a bad book — but there was one time i ended up getting so burned out. Now, i learned. i won’t force myself unless it’s a project or work-related.

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  5. It depends how far through the book I am. If I’ve invested a lot of time into it, I tend to finish it, so it counts toward my Goodreads goal! How sad is that? If I’ve only wasted a little time on it though, I’ll move on. I do find that reading samples of ebooks before I buy them means I don’t have this problem as much anymore, as it gives me a feel for the author’s style.

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  6. I love that mug. Where did you get it, or where did someone who gave it to you get it at? I am totally going to buy that mug. So much rambling about a mug but it is gorgeous. It gives me such warm bookworm feelings.

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  7. I love taking time to sit down and read- never mind that pile of dishes behind me-
    I have a strange compulsion to finish books once I start them, even if they are boring. Part of me thinks I should stop, but the other part keeps thinking, “BUT WHAT IF IT GETS BETTER AND I MISS OUT.” Usually I was right initially and the book ends up being a waste of time, which makes me sad. It is true that there is so much out there to read and I am constantly tormented by the thought that I could be missing something extraordinary.

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  8. I agree. There are too many good books out there to be reading ones that bore you. Long ago I did force myself to finish one that was a best-seller. On doing so, I didn’t have the satisfaction of enjoyment or missing the character(s) after. Now, I’ll also give it until about a quarter of the way through. If there’s no improvement, it ends there.

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  9. This basically describes my life. I could be in Barnes and Nobles reading a book and it’s AMAZING in store. But it’s like the second I leave the store after buying it, I’ve lost complete interest in it. It’s happened so many times before that at this point I just add books to my list instead of buying them.
    But I have taken a leap of faith and I recently bought Gerald’s Game by Stephen King. I don’t think I will be putting it down for lack of interest, but more because I’m terrified. lol

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      1. Hey! I just wanted to give you a little update. 🙂
        So, I never got around to reading past like the 3rd chapter of Gerald’s Game and it’s not from lack of interest. School got really busy and then my friends forced me to read the Harry Potter series (I’m about half way through Order of Phoenix).

        I just wanted to let you know that from what I did read, it’s really interesting and I can’t wait to finish it once I’m done with HP. 🙂

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  10. I rarely lose interest once starting a story, but in those rare times that I do, the characters slowly creep up in my mind and haunt me until I pick it back up and finish it. It’s very weird.

    But on the cleaning aspect – yes, totally. Reading is the ultimate guilt cleanser.

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      1. Ohhh, very true. An English teacher I had once lent me some books after I had mentioned that I was grounded (this was a very long time ago 😆) in class, and she highlighted every error to be had in those books. I still enjoyed the series (Nora Roberts), but now my brain highlights the errors I pick up on. What genre interests you the most?

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  11. I tend to read the entire book. Unless I get distracted by a better book…..
    But really I have read books that are truly boring because I feel somehow obligated to do so. I keep telling myself the ending will be worth it. And sometimes it is. On the other side of the coin, I have read many “good” books, books that I couldn’t put down, only to be incredibly disappointed with the ending. Those, I think, are far worse than reading a boring book.

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  12. No more reading things I don’t enjoy – the author doesn’t know you didn’t finish it, so it’s fine (that’s my theory anyway!) And I’ve definitely decided that if loads of people have ‘hyped up’ a book, there is no obligation for me to enjoy it – if I do, that’s great, if I don’t, then I quietly place it onto the charity shop pile, hoping that someone else will love it in my place.

    My one exception is if the book is on a subject about which I am desperate to learn, then I try to tolerate it to the end. And there are so many great books out there, why waste time on the ones you don’t like?

    Have just read the new book by Paula Hawkins (author of The Girl on the Train), called ‘Into the Water’. I thought it was absolutely excellent as a ‘good read’ – fast paced, readable, great use of the English language and just a tiny bit of the ethereal thrown in for good measure. Definitely not a literary treasure, but perfect for my current circumstances – plane, bus, beach.

    Now, my weakness is cookery books – I love them, don’t get me started…

    Happy reading, who cares about dust?

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      1. I absolutely love it that you can say you hated The Girl on the Train – we all like different things and I think it is so wrong that a certain bunch of ‘informed’ critics should be able to tell us what we should and shouldn’t like. I must admit, I wasn’t its greatest fan, but I was very familiar with the location, which made it slightly fascinating for me, and I read it to the end (eek). I liked the new one much better, but loathed the film of the first one.

        That’s why I read cookery books – no plot and only good things. I am currently engrossed in Honey & Co. I want to marry everything from the people to the location to the food (not sure, even in London, if I can marry a location, but I’d give it a go).

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  13. I run a Book Club at my local town library. Some love a book other can’t stand it but that’s what makes it a fun club. It’s great to hear everyone’s views. Happy reading all

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