Time To Get Out The Rainstick, Y’all!

I was trying to clean up my Kindle this morning and came across these lovely titles that I decided had to stay there. I could not hit that delete button on them. Each one of them speaks of a time or a place that is a part of me.

So of course I had to share them. Do you have books that you keep forever for that reason? What are they?

I was so hoping that rain they promised would come our way, but no. Supposedly it should come through tonight, but unless we all get together and dance with the rainstick, I don’t see that happening. In this part of the country its feast or famine. Extremes. Ask for a nice soaking rain and you’ll get a Cat.5 tornado or a drought and heat so extreme you think you are in the Dustbowl!

Gardens are shriveling up and water restrictions are in place which doesn’t bode well for my favorite Watermelon Festival.

I am seriously going to bet on that TBR list today. So if the rain gods would cooperate that would be great!

Stay Cool Y’all!

12 thoughts on “Time To Get Out The Rainstick, Y’all!

  1. I find it difficult to get rid of any of my books–I finally got rid of textbooks from college (over 20 years ago!). We just moved here to the Greater Seattle area from Ohio in August, so I went through and got rid of lots of books, but they really do become a part of you. We still ended up moving a great majority of them to our new house.

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  2. I rarely read a book twice, and yet there are books that I can’t let go and will probably hang onto until I croak. I still have my 45-year-old hardcover Hobbit and LOTR set. Those will end up in my will πŸ™‚

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  3. Although there are books I have donated to the library, I am a re-reader. A frequent one at that. So, I can’t imagine not having my Harry Potter, my Alex Kava, Lisa Unger, and the sisters island trilogy by Nora Roberts.

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