Getting Ready For a Mini-Vacation!

Happy Sunday! Today will be spent getting ready for Monday. Everything is packed except the firewood. I had everything laid out and organized when OU boy shows up with a box of balls and new sets of golf clubs for all of us! Although I declined mine as I just got the Nike set and I love it, so what we don’t need we will donate to one of the local high schools who are always happy to have some golf supplies.

The kids at 4 and 6 are getting too tall for their smaller clubs and bags so now they can pass those down to a cousin. In our family everyone golfs. I remember we gave one of them a golf cart for her 4th birthday so she could accompany her daddy to the course.

We are also fiercely competitive. Fiercely. Obviously golf had nothing to do with our mini vacation but OU boy says we can practice driving at the lake. He was so excited I didn’t have the heart to tell him no, so add another pile to the truck.

I’ll be gone for a few days to parts unknown. Camping and Golfing….and Cupcakes! Voila! Packed.


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