The Mermaid Life or Why I Live in the Bathtub..

I am quite sure there is not much that can not be fixed by being in the ocean. As someone who grew up on the ocean and lived by an ocean until nasty Katrina came to call like there was going to be a prize for ruining the most lives that year. Snarky, I know, but today is just one of those snarky days.

I am supposed to be getting ready for a meeting, but instead all I want to do is sit in a tub of warm salt water and read about someone else’s problems. All this to say I’m in a really bad mood. There has been a lot of foot stomping, deep sighing, and yelling at people for no obvious reason.

I’m so nervous about this meeting and my nemesis Anxiety knows it’s about him ( yes, him, no self-respecting lady would be so nasty and clingy) so I believe he thinks he can make me cancel at the last-minute. Which to be honest I’m really feeling like doing right now.

What I should do is go to my happy place, my safe place. The bathtub where I spend hours reading and ignoring the world. But I’m already dressed and I really don’t want to have to do that again. So I’m going all Southern and taking to the bed. My Momma took to the bed most of my childhood. It’s basically a southern way of saying we don’t want to deal with your ass today. And Anxiety I really don’t have time for you today so if you could just run on over to my sister’s house I’d be much appreciative.

Enjoy your day and sorry for the bitchin’ and moanin’ as my Momma said.

xx  P

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