Grief Cottage by Gail Godwin

Grief Cottage

The haunting tale of a desolate cottage, and the hair-thin junction between this life and the next, from bestselling National Book Award finalist Gail Godwin.

I am sure there will be mixed reviews on this book. Is it a ghost story, a coming of age story, is it for YA readers or adults? Β I am not sure which it is, but I really enjoyed the story.

Marcus our main character is suddenly left alone when his mother dies going out for pizza. Sent to his great Aunt Charlotte, a reclusive artist living on an island in South Carolina.

The story is told over a summer but also jumps back to the past a few times. Marcus fills his days tending the turtle egg mound and exploring the ramshackle cottage to the north. When he finds out the family who was living there had a son and they had all disappeared in Hurricane Hazel and were presumed dead he is convinced that he can see the ghost of the boy and goes every day to make contact with him.

On one hand I enjoyed the story and the language the author used and on the other hand, it was a bit disorienting when Marcus was ‘talking’ to people who weren’t there and I still don’t understand the Wheezer characters frequent appearances in Marcus’s head.

The last section lost me. After all of the build up the ending was just not what I expected.

Expected release date is June 06, 2017


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