Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!


I seriously did not want to leave my bed this morning. I think my senses were just overwhelmed by all of the ugliness that went on last night and all of the nasty and self-serving comments that were made concerning the tragedy in London.

It will kick your anxiety into overdrive! But I think the saddest thing I heard last night was..” So what, it’s not like it’s here.” I don’t even have an answer to that. I can’t wrap my head around that.

Enjoy your Sunday!

xx P

15 thoughts on “Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!

  1. I don’t want to bring down your Sunday, but who are these asses that have smarty things to say about death and bombings? If they are friends of yours they are not friends. No matter where lives are taken unwillingly, it is not okay. It is shameful. And anyone who says otherwise needs to be cut off the list. It’s hard to balance a beautiful life of your own one moment with tragedy the next — I guess that’s the goal of a human being. Care always, do what you can when you can, and let it go if you can’t. Sorry for the run-on. And happy Sunday to you!

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  2. I know, it’s terrible! And whoever said, “It’s not like it’s here,” well, one day, sadly, it could be… I won’t go on. I blogged a little about this, too. I just had to say something. But I don’t like to get talk to much about religion and politics on my blog. So instead of a rant, I’ve just added a few lines. Hope you’re enjoying a stress free Sunday x

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  3. Good job of recognizing your mental state and taking time to care for your well being. I believe love is stronger than hate. I am committed to not being sucked into the ugliness and that requires awareness followed by self-care. Rest well and continue to share your light.

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  4. It could be. We had one in Melbourne a few months back . More of an isolated incidence and not a terrorist one. It has happened it could again.
    It was harrowing knowing it did in this safe city of ours. My sister texted to check that we were all home when it happened knowing my kids and I like to wander around the city. I was in bed napping and even as I watched the news it was surreal .

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