White Fur by Jardine Libaire *Release Day*

White Fur by Jardine Libaire
Jamey Hyde and Elise Perez come from two different worlds. He attends Yale and lives a life of wealth and privilege. She doesn’t even know who her father is and ran away from home very young without graduating from high school.
When she sees him next door, she knows he will be hers. And a very unusual relationship develops between the two.A dark version of 1980’s Romeo and Juliet. This was a very dark, raw and sexual Romeo and Juliet. Elise was a hard character for me to get a handle on. She owns her awkwardness and her sexuality. She knows what she wants and that is Jamey.

His family is dead set on breaking them up and they are deadset on staying together.

This isn’t a ‘pretty’ love story all wrapped up in sparkly paper. It is at times ugly and hard to watch and some people may not care for the rawness of it.

But once you are into it, you can’t seem to let go. It took a while for me to come back to reality!

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