Good Intentions Gone To Hell…


We are having this strange weather thingy happening. Yesterday and Today have been hot, sunny and not windy! 

Saturday I woke up with the best of intentions. Go through all of my email, clean up my desk and then get out in the sunshine.

As you can see from the picture I did make a great salad for lunch and then spent the next 6 hours ordering tea and shoes. I mean there was a sale, so yeah, Zulily, you knew I couldn’t pass up 80% off!

Today has just been more of the same except I found rocks! Really good small river rocks to paint.  Someone wanted to skip them across the lake, but no, I’m going to be all crafty with these suckers.

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend! I know I am.


2 responses to “Good Intentions Gone To Hell…”

  1. It’s always okay if it’s on sale! 🙂 x

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  2. Maybe binge shipping is what I need too 😉

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