EDISTO STRANGER ( An Edisto Island Mystery #4) by C. Hope Clark

Edisto Stranger (The Edisto Island Mysteries #4)

A cold case heats up . . .

A dead man in Big Bay Creek, spring break, and a rogue FBI agent would be enough to drive Chief Callie Jean Morgan to drink . . . if she hadn’t already quietly crawled inside a bottle of gin to drown her sorrows over a life ripped apart by too many losses.

When her investigation into the stranger’s death heats up an unsolved abduction case, Callie finds herself pitted against the town council, her son, the agent, and even the raucous college kids enjoying idyllic Edisto Beach.

Amidst it all, Callie must find a way to reconcile her grief and her precious taste for gin before anyone else is killed.

Callie Morgan has more than her share of tragedy, not to mention the head of the town council looking for any reason to sack her so when her son finds a body in the water Callie knows she needs this case. And needs to solve it before she is out of a job.

This is the fourth book in The Edisto Island Mysteries and while you can read this as a stand alone, I would look out for the others also.

Callie is flawed in the most human of ways, and find ways to deal with their pain and anger in a bottle of Gin. It’s not like she’s falling down drunk, but her son and her co-workers know. But now she has to find a way to crack this case without a crutch.

I personally like the Edisto books because my family has had homes there for generations. My Mother was born in Walterboro and lived between there and Charleston. So I feel a deep sense of home and familiarity with this place and these people. I actually called her and asked about Edisto not having an ME and she said Oh no, we’re too small for that, you have to go to Walterboro.

This book actually has two crimes, an old cold case kidnapping of a two year old and the murder of the retired FBI agent who wouldn’t let that case go.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!  Today is Release Day!!

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