When Life Shuts a Door…Open it Again. It’s a Door. That’s How They Work!


I started being interested in doors on a trip to Vienna. They had this one house that was so different and odd with a lovely door. The entire thing looked like it was melting in the sun.

I have opened some doors that I wish had been padlocked shut. I have opened doors that led to beautiful places and people.

To stand in front of a door and not know what is on the other side is magical. It could be anything!

All of you lovely young people graduating this week-end, will be opening a lot of new doors. My advice to you is to be picky about which ones you open and which ones you just walk by. Β You are an adult now. And about to be on your own, making your own decisions. Obviously you are smart…I mean duh, you graduated, so by now you should know that just because the door is pretty, it doesn’t mean what’s behind it is.

Take your time and choose the right door for you! Maybe the melty Austrian one, or the oh so proper black shiny one, or maybe one you create yourself!

Congratulations to you all as you set off on this new adventure!

xx Patricia Β  :


8 thoughts on “When Life Shuts a Door…Open it Again. It’s a Door. That’s How They Work!

  1. Doors fascinate me…..the old crafted heavy doors which were used in castles and temples….they have this thing that just pulls you to them…Enchanting you for a minute.
    But as you say, not all doors lead you where you want to be, one should be wise before opening any door.

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  2. This is super smart, Patricia – thank you! I actually really needed this right about now.

    You are wonderful. I truly appreciate this. (especially the part about pretty doors not necessarily meaning that what’s on the other side is!)

    Have a great week, and happy Monday. πŸ™‚

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