Boundaries. Do You Know Where Yours Are?


I love theses underwater shots the kids are taking at the pool. They are still young enough to be excited about underwater cameras.

Our lovely weatherman DP let us know this morning that all of the ingredients are in place for this to be a significant weather even. Which here means tornados/high winds/hail/flooding. Maybe frogs dropping out of the sky. Some Biblical stuff.

Our weather guys have been talking about today for at least a week. And this morning before I had even had my cuppa, I got a phone call that I can only describe as giddy, from OU Boy, storm chaser supreme, that Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel was getting on a plane and headed to OKC. If you don’t know Mr. Cantore, he is the one who has the nose for major weather events. Being from Gulfport, Mississippi, when he showed up, we evacuated. Hopefully things will go better for him than they did the last time he came. But for the storm chasers it’s like their Leader is descending and they all are about to burst waiting for this event.

So Boundaries....I have in the past been really bad about setting boundaries. Then I had not one, not two, but three stalkers. Two of those probably could have been avoided if I had been better about setting boundaries. The other one is in prison. Stalking me was the least he did.

For the benefit of a lot of us let me say that this is not a dating site. I’m not looking for love on the internet. I am exactly where I want to be and surrounded by people who do not make me anxious. So if your behavior does that, well I’m sorry but you are about to be voted off this particular island.

I think I have stated that the best way I could have without dragging out my nifty bag of colorful cuss words.

That is my preaching for today. I suppose I should get the go bags ready for whatever comes our way today.

xx Patricia

22 thoughts on “Boundaries. Do You Know Where Yours Are?

  1. Stalkers can be annoying and sometimes terrifying. Get allot of those being a young girl in retail. Get allot of those being a girl who hangs out with nerds…poor nerdy boys, you say “hi” and they hear “I want to have your babies”.

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  2. I’m glad that stalker is in jail! How terrifying for you! I suppose if I ever had a stalker is just send an accurate picture.
    If Jim Cantore ever showed up here I’d build a bunker.

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  3. Scary, Patricia. I’ve never had problems on WP, but I stopped using Google Plus because of weird comments from men. And I’m almost 60! Go figure. It’s wise to be cautious about trust until it’s earned, and follow your instincts. 🙂

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  4. Oh Patty! Sending you ever so much love and blessings. This is a courageous, great post.

    Please know that you are welcome (if you want to!) to contribute a post to Forgiving Fridays anytime. (And I love that you retweet my blogs, thank you ❤ )
    Have a great weekend, and stay safe with the weather!

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  5. One of the nice things about getting older is that most of the creeps drop away, although I did, just this morning, tell one guy that no, we weren’t going to get to know each other better by me emailing him. Just to balance him out, another reader’s convinced I’m male.

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  6. When you’ve been abused, it’s hard to know that boundaries are yours to make. It took me many grueling years to learn that. I didn’t know it was okay to tell people, you can’t do that to me. I’m so glad I was finally encouraged to do. I’m so much happier for it. Great post.

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