Sunday Sunshine…and Ice Cream!


Sunshine is pouring through the windows this Sunday morning. Isn’t it great how Yellow can just make you feel happy?

I recently read someplace that Off Line is the new luxury. I have spent quite a bit of time in doctor’s waiting rooms lately and it’s impossible not to notice that everyone is on their phone. Playing games, checking social media and ignoring everyone around them.

For my birthday I received a new smart phone and I am making a conscious effort to not  be on it after 6 p.m. That could be because I don’t know how to use all the features yet but it sounds better to say I’m being a better human and not ignoring people.

Off to claim my chair in the sunshine and finish reading! Have a Sunny Sunday!

xx Patricia


9 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine…and Ice Cream!

  1. Love the yellow. I stayed away from digital and smart devices until about two year’s ago… decided to give it a try on the personal front. At work, it was all I did. I am now too into it on the personal side and trying to figure out when/how to create boundaries! But it’s still fun when I am on it.

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  2. Sometimes I think you have to get over-saturated in order to pull away. I know that’s what happened to me. The news is too sad, the media too flippant, life is too short. Yellow is mellow and the way to go!

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