Green…The Prime Color of the World…


I am in a Green Mood today. Probably because it’s almost May!! Who doesn’t love May? All kinds of good things come with May. Like my birthstone, the emerald, Ireland, home of my mother’s people and the green I associate with my Daddy’s side of the family.

That new spring green that is popping out on trees and the neighbors lawns. Tiny little shoots of green struggling up through the warm dirt to meet the sun. Green is the color of life in Mother Nature’s realm.

As I sit here this morning I am looking at a picture taken at the cemetery when my father left on his next big adventure, and it’s so green and beautiful that I’m left wondering how a place of death can look so full of life?  For me this cemetary is full of my life. Here are my grandparents along with my great-grandparents who came from Scotland when my grandpa was 2. After a short stop in Canada, they took about 3 steps into North Dakota and said, that’s good.


Have a fun weekend and appreciate what Spring brings us!

xx Patricia

9 thoughts on “Green…The Prime Color of the World…

  1. I start lovin’ the green about St. Pattie’s Day. My mother was Irish, and although she’s been on HER next adventure for almost 40 years, the colors and songs make me think of her. I think she has something to do with the green of the grass and bushes and sprouts of spring too!

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  2. I’m always down for a green mood! I was at the mattress store the other day and exclaimed to the associate, “I love that wall!” There was nothing on it, totally blank and lime green.

    “You must like green.”

    “How do you know”

    “You like that wall…your hair is green.” haha!

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