Phantom Limb by Lucinda Berry


Phantom Limb

Once I picked up this book, there was no putting it down.
Twins, Emily and Elizabeth have not had a great beginning in life. Their mother has at least one screw loose. She is neglectful, abusive and sells her own tiny daughters to very bad men. Once rescued, they are adopted by a warm and caring couple, but somethings can’t be repaired and the demons that haunt the girls are not so easily left behind.

When Elizabeth wakes up tied down to a hospital bed she has no idea how she got here or why. The last memory she has is of finding her sister dead on the bathroom floor.

With her therapist she will have to face her worst fears to find out who she is and what has happened to her sister.

I did not see that ending coming! Whoa! What a shocker. Now I need to find the other books by Ms.Berry and get busy catching up with this talented writer!

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5 thoughts on “Phantom Limb by Lucinda Berry

  1. Howdy Patricia!

    Sounds like my kinda book: psychological thriller, lots of internal exploration, inexplicable behavior, and a surprise ending! I’ll add it to the burgeoning Kindle/summer reading list…

    Thanks for the review


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