One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline *Release Day*


One Perfect Lie


Chris Brennan is applying for a job as a high school government teacher, as well as assistant baseball coach. On the surface he is perfect. Everything checks out and he aces his final interview and begins teaching.

But everything about Chris Brennan is a lie.

Taking a keen interest in 3 boys in particular. Raz, whose father recently died and along with his brother, Ryan and his mom Susan, they are a bit broken and vulnerable right now. Acting out and jeopordizing a possible baseball scholarship.

Justin is a quiet boy living with his single mother, Heather, who has concerns already over one of her sons friends.

Evan Kostis, who seems to be suffering from the affluenza that a lot of affluent teens are suffering from, is also keeping secrets. Secrets with and for his father. Mom, Mindy is still trying to move past the affair her doctor husband had and spends most of her days snooping on him and her son, in between slugging gin and tonics.

All three boys are vulnerable in some way. But what does Chris have to do with them? Who is he really? Does he even know anymore?

Full of suspense and very timely this book has the type of ending I love. Multiple subplots that get wrapped up in a big Bang at the end!

It is appropriate that Ms. Scottoline will be in Oklahoma City the day her book comes out! April 11th. She will be speaking at at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club for an event sponsored by the Literary Voices and Metropolitan Library on April 11th. Check out any remaining tickets or information at Metropolitan Library

Lisa Scottoline Author Event

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Northwest Library
Rooms A-B (AB)

This event you need to register for and you can do that at the same site above!

xx Books,Books,and More Books   Patricia

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