Dear Monday, My Momma Don’t Like You


I am so grateful that I slept for almost 10 hours last night. Which you would think means I am well rested this morning. You would be wrong. All night long I ran from one place to another looking for a certain type of Sushi. I don’t know WTF kind of dream this was or what it meant and I probably don’t want to know!

It’s Monday and I have an eye appointment on Wednesday so the Anxiety Fairy showed up early today buzzing around Β my ear suggesting all kinds of awful things that could go wrong. I mean I have an extremely active imagination, but this little trollop is sneaky and very convincing. Her sentences all start the same. “What If?”

I’m going to place one of OU Boys stash of M&Ms on the little fairy door and see if she falls for that. Kind of like locking the genie back in the bottle.

Sometimes all I can do is make some tea, grab the Kindle and get lost in another world. Sounds like a plan!




14 thoughts on “Dear Monday, My Momma Don’t Like You

  1. It took me way too long to discover your blog but now I’m so glad I did! Your personality is infectious and you’re my hero for the day because “Love Yourself” was written by Ed Sherran and I’m his biggest fan in this entire world, no, entire galaxy, and you just got it suck in my head. That gives you brownie points like no other.

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