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The story of the infamous Mata Hari. Was she the spy she was accused and executed for being? Or simply a woman wanting to live life on her own terms? Either way it’s the language that is used that made this such a good read. The story is told through the last letter she wrote before her death, telling her life story. Although by the time she died I’m not sure she even knew what the truth was.

My favorite line in the book came after her death and was “Liars, what little I know of them, are people who seek popularity and recognition. Even when faced with truth, they always find a way to escape, coldly repeating what had just been said or blaming the accuser of speaking untruths.”

There is no doubt that she was an accomplished liar. Her one flaw that turned out to be part of her undoing was that she didn’t see that the people she was playing for her own gain, were also playing her. There is no loyalty when the armies are marching into your country.  No one would be there for her at the end and that was sad but it really was her own doing.

There were some very profound truths in here. His books always stick with me long after I have read them. Now I wait for the next one!

xx Patricia

17 thoughts on “THE SPY BY PAUL COELHO

      1. I think because I read The Alchemist first, all his other books leave me a bit, wanting. But, he is an excellent author and I keep going back to his books, so I must be getting something fulfilled by reading his work.

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