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by Judith Briles on The Book Designer site:


Tate Publishing bit the dust and formally closed its doors on January 24, 2017. There are millions of dollars in lawsuits including one from Lightning Source (that’s Ingram) for over $1.8 million. In February, a default judgment was entered against Tate when its owners did a no-show in court. I can’t even imagine the number of authors and books who have been damaged.

Why another column on what I call the Publishing Predators?

The self-publishing / indie publishing avenues now publish far more books than the traditional publishing stream from New York.

Whenever there is growth, it identifies opportunity.

Opportunity encourages darker forces to surface. The floodgates opened for self-publishing went into high drive when Amazon introduced BookSurge, the predecessor of CreateSpace in 2007.

Scammers paid attention.

In other words, scammers, publishing cons and publishing predators are breeding.

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5 thoughts on “Beware of Sharks in Publisher’s Clothing

  1. In the same vein, I’ve been contacted by sites that wanted to use my work on their sites, have me write for them, but offered no remuneration schedule. Exposure does not buy groceries.

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  2. What a nightmare for authors. I have done much research on publishers, self-publishing companies, agents, and editors. There are more sharks in these businesses than in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve chosen to self-publish on Amazon which is free. It costs to promote the book, but I won’t pay – at least not yet. My hope is that buyers will when they search for various subject matter. I’ve got nothing to lose at this point. I had two agents that sucked and three editors that had little to what I had already written (and I, of course, had to pay the editors, but not the agents. Funny thing, about a year after I dumped one agent, his agency closed down. I almost got involved with Tate but after researching them, I declined an email I received from them. Great post, Patty.

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      1. I am doing well all things considered. 🙂 My spirits are high, my body is breaking down. I keep hearing the words “age appropriate” from my wonderful doctors, nurse, and physical therapist. Pop! lol Life goes on. I am enjoying growing older even in my debilitated state. Thank you for your concern. ❤

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