You Know You Want One


Thursday!  Release day for Blink. I’ll repost that review today also.Bookouture is coming out with even more thriller stories like Little Girl Lost by Carole Wyer. I’m really liking this companies books.

The above books are ones we have read and enjoyed. Thre is SYFY, Romance, Historical Fiction, Spooky Southern mysteries and Witches! What’s not to love.

We are over here reading The Hope Chest by Viola Shipman, coming out in March and it is every bit as moving and lovely as The Charm Bracelet from last year. Since surgery is one week away I am trying to get a lot done. Like finishing 7 books in one week. #goals

Happy Thurday to you wonderful, talented and funny people of WordPress! Especiallly who has nominated me for a Blogger Award. She is always making something clever and gorgeous from nothing but dollar store stuff. She’s magic definitely. The reason I don’t do Awards is because I have a stalker and I prefer she not have any more information about me than she already does. So while I’m honored, I just don’t do them!

Since surgery is one week away I am trying to get a lot done.



9 thoughts on “You Know You Want One

    1. i’ve resigned myself to the surgery, but that stalker is persistent! My friend Laurell is in love with Superhighway and it’s main character, Alex Fine. Good book written by a friend who is from Russia and is a Finance Prof. here in the States.


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