No More Mouth Kissing!


If you follow me over at then you already know that I have some sort of bug. This morning has been a tiny bit better, but this picture is just to show you I am basically sitting at my desk staring at the wall.

And that’s okay! Holy Crap Batman, I just said it’s okay to do nothing! I’m sure I must have a fever and I’m also sure I must be delirious. I am not one of those people who can just not do something. If I watch a movie, I read or crochet at the same time. So it’s a bit difficult for me to just do nothing. But that is exactly what I am doing today. Nothing. Listening to Celtic music and sipping green tea and hoping that I feel well enough to go to the drugstore and get more meds to fight this plague that I am now sure came from this little 4 year old mini-demon who is a mouth kisser.

So have yourself a lovely day and don’t kiss anyone on the mouth unless you want to also be stuck in the bathroom so long that you’re thinking of doing some Sharpie art on the toilet lid just to make it more attractive!

Happy Reading! Β xx Patricia

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